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Master Dry Cleaner is Londons's one-stop-shop for laundry service, dry cleaning and commercial laundry.

Master Dry Cleaner gives full laundry service London pick up as well as delivery, commercial laundry service, hand over laundry service and also in-store washing. Master Dry Cleaner laundry picks up, and delivery service spans across London City covering North West, South West, as well as West. At Master Dry Cleaner, our top preference is providing an excellent solution at a completing rate, all to do the necessary job of obtaining your laundry and also completely dry cleaning has to done as fast and headache-free as feasible so lets goodbye to to search “laundry near me".

At Master Dry Cleaner, we take enormous pride in our work, whether we are collaborating with large corporate customers or with our individual laundry customers. Master Dry Cleaner is a unique laundry in London that can fit all your requirements with an unbelievable high quality of service where the current and updated modern technology used. Being located in the heart of London, it is easy to reach all areas on a daily basis as well as at any moment. Take a look at our website and find out more regarding the selection of laundry services we offer.

Commercial Laundry Service

We could stick to a rigid price list like every other laundry service but instead we decided to ask you what your pricing needs are.
Your business is unique and your laundry needs are unique. We want to create a Laundry Plan that is the perfect fit for you – from when your pick up occurs to the amount due on your invoice.

Areas we service

We’ve been delighting customers across London and the South East for more than a quarter of a century.

Laundry isn't your main business, but it is ours and we love it! For more information about our commercial laundry services and pricing and to schedule your first pick up, call us at 1 (800) 123-45-67

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