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06 Apr
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5 Common Laundry Mistakes you can easily avoid

5 Common Laundry Mistakes you can easily avoid

Washing machine is a sensitive gadget and it expects you to be careful and gentle while handling. Most of us are not very well aware about the washing machine etiquettes. That is why we unintentionally end up with the following mistakes. A dry cleaner in London assures these mistakes are pretty easy to overcome, provided one is a little aware and alert.
Here we go!

Adding water before detergent

The professional from the London dry cleaning agency clarifies, this tip in not for those with front-load washing machine. But those with top-load system, this is likely to make a huge difference.

Usually people put soiled clothes into the washing machine first, followed by detergent and finally the machine is switched on to fill up with water. But this order of things has a problem. When you place things in the above mentioned order, a section of your laundry gets oversaturated with detergent. As a result, the other sections get improperly washed.

Just change the order of your actions. First add the clothes and then turn the machine on to fill up the water. Add detergent at the last when the drum is sufficiently filled with water to perform the washing. This allows your entire laundry to get evenly cleaned. As the detergent gets mixed directly with water, your clothes get more effective cleaning.

Zip up

A large variety of modern clothing includes zippers. If you think those items will be better cleaned if you place them unzipped inside the washing machine, you are probably not wrong. But you should never do so. Why? The zipper teeth then have higher chances of damaging more delicate items that went in for wash.

When your zippers are closed, the other clothing items that went inside the washing machine in the same cycle are at much lesser chance of getting damaged.

Unbutton those button-down clothing items

At the end of a long, hard day you are obviously exhausted and unbuttoning the entire shirt seems like a Herculean task. Therefore, you take the easier route to pull it over the head before tossing it in the laundry bin. You may have never pondered on this factor. This is something you should never do.

Every time you place any button down clothing item for a wash, do unbutton it entirely before dropping it inside the washing machine, suggest our friendly same day laundry cleaners. Otherwise, the threads and buttonholes of this variety of clothing items come under tremendous pressure during the wash cycle. As a result, the life of the clothing gets drastically shortened.

Care for your socks

Socks seem to have a knack for getting disappeared. You clearly remember having placed both the socks into the drum but at the end of the washing cycle only one could be traced; the other has just vanished into thin air or melted in water and detergent. What is the mystery behind?

If you want keeping your socks safe in a wash cycle, put them in a garment bag. You can buy these mesh bags easily from your local supermarket and also online. This range of bags is ideal to include any tiny item into your washing machine including underwear, handkerchief and others.

Show respect to the ‘dry clean only’ tag

You may feel irritating to locate the tag with the symbol that says ‘dry clean only’. But it is worth doing and you should do it. Remember that high quality clothing needs high quality care and treatment. Every time you ignore the ‘dry clean only’ tag and place such items in regular washing load, you take a severe risk on their life. Delicate fabrics like silk, wool and even velvet and lace are likely to shrink and give way facing the turbulence and temperature inside a normal washing machine.

Delicate clothing requires dry cleaning because it is much gentler and safer way of cleaning.

Given the pressing needs of modern life, it may not always be possible to remember all these tiny things. This is where reliable and professional dry cleaning services come in. Just go online and enter search strings like “laundry service near me” anywhere from London to get contact details of Master Dry Cleaners.

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