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06 Apr
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8 Essential Tips to Prevent Your Clothes from Fading

8 Essential Tips to Prevent Your Clothes from Fading

The major problem every person faces with washing clothes is colour fading. It is widely applicable for the dark-coloured clothes which get faded only after a few washes. The paling and dulling of the garments is widely happened due to the use of warm water while cleaning.

Generally people use hot water for extensive cleaning of the clothes but its fibres get broken down easily leading to the loss of its original colour. This blog sums up 8 tricks which may retain the colour of the garments for long. Read on to know.

1. Proper sorting of the clothes

Sorting of the clothes is very important prior to wash them. Most of the time, both dark-coloured and light-coloured garments are put in the washing machine together. As a result, one gets over another which results in fading of its colour.
Sort them according to the light and dark colour and wash. It assists in an even distribution of the detergent throughout the clothes which will minimise the risk of colour fading as well.

2. Follow the care instruction

Every type of ready-made cloth comes with specific washing instruction. It gives the details of the methods of cleaning and drying. Read the instructions carefully while washing them to retain its original colour for long.

3. Wash clothes in cold water

Washing of the clothes in hot water is the key reason of fading of its colour. If you notice that the colour gets faded to some extent after a wash, you must use cold (room temperature) water from next time. Even, set the delicate mode of your washing machine to ensure the gentle washing of your clothes.

4. It must be turned inside-out

Besides hot water, there is another reason why your clothes get faded! It is the friction developed by you while rubbing against each other to diminish any spots. Thus, you are advised to turn out the inside-out of the clothes so that the external part doesn’t get rubbed and faded as well.

5. Use right amount of detergent

Most of the people use a high amount of detergent thinking that it will wash their clothes effectively, which is actually not! Instead it fades down the original colour of the clothes making it more pale and dull to use. So, before every wash of any clothes have a glance at the instruction to know the right amount of detergent you should use for perfect cleaning.

6. Use specific detergent

While you are going to purchase detergents, choose the one with colour blocking feature. It is incredibly efficient to protect the colour of your clothes especially the dark-coloured ones. Moreover, you should avoid the use of powerful detergents specifically with stain removing feature on the coloured clothes.

Even you can use the ordinary detergent for cleaning your clothes just by adding a scoop of vinegar in it. It will not let the colour of your garments to get faded.

7. Put out the clothes from washing machine immediately

Once washing is done, you have to put out the clothes from the washing machine on an immediate basis to hang for air-drying. This will effectively reduce the risk of colour fading of your garments.

8. Air-dry your clothes

Heat is the key enemy to the colour of the garments. During dry cleaning of the clothes in the washing machine, it exposes to a high amount of heat. As a result, your garments can lose its original colour and gets faded. Hence, you are advised to air-dry the garments after washing it in the machine.

Avoid leaving them in the sun directly for fast drying and if so, remember to turn them inside-out so that the colour doesn’t get subjected to the sun directly. At last, you must also lower down the washing number for a garment. You should use a washed clothes maximum 4 times and perform spot cleaning rather cleaning the whole cloth piece.

If the above-mentioned tips don’t offer the effective result, then you must opt for a dry cleaning of the cloth from any reliable cleaning company. Cleaning companies have required equipment and products to clean your clothes professionally with great care so that there is no damage.

You may use the search strategy “same day dry cleaners near me” to look for the company that will wash the clothes on an urgent basis.