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    Master Dry Cleaner offers restyling and reweaving alteration services for your garments. Our alterations experts measure you, evaluate your garment, and make precise alterations to make every piece in your wardrobe a favourite.

    A common misconception about alterations and tailoring is that these services are costly. Just as our suits are cut to fit you, our alterations are priced to fit your budget. Getting a garment altered is a simple way to make even an inexpensive piece look better-for a very reasonable price. Alterations also can extend the life of your clothing. High-wear areas such as collars and cuffs can be easily replaced on most garments, further extending their wearability.

    We understand your busy schedule. Our London alteration services guarantee prompt delivery so you can get your garment back fast. Take advantage of our convenient online scheduling for alterations or call 020 7328 5621 for alteration and tailoring appointments.


    • Trouser Shortening – When you need trousers shortened, the professionals at Master Dry Cleaner are ready!
    • Jacket Shortening – We provide tailoured jacket shortening.
    • Jacket Sleeves Shortening – Jacket sleeves too long? Our professionals will alter sleeves to the perfect length.
    • Dress Shortening – At Master Dry Cleaner, our professionals will shorten your dress to fit perfectly.
    • Trouser Tapering – We offer trouser tapering with vertical hemming.
    • Trouser Waist– Our professionals will help to increase your trouser waist size or take it in to fit you perfectly.
    • Trouser Hemming – perfect and precise hemming for your trousers..
    • Dress Hemming – We also do invisibly stitched hemming so that your dress looks flawless.
    • Stitching – Our experts have many years of experience in all sorts of stitching tasks.
    • New Dress Lining – We can add a lining to your new dress to achieve the best comfort and appearance of the drape.
    • New Jacket Lining – Our designers will line a new jacket or reline and old one to make the garment fit and feel the best.
    • New Coat Lining – A new coat lining gives a new lease of life to that coat and we will complete it to perfection.
    • New Suit Lining – If you have purchased a new suit, and need it lined for the perfect look and fit, trust the job to our professionals.
    • New Trouser Lining – Lining trousers makes them fall better and look more expensive. Our linings make you look a million dollars.
    • New Trouser Zip – When a zip; needs replacing we will do it to perfection and with the neatest and most professional finish.
    • New Dress Zip – A new zip in your dress will give you the look you have always wanted.
    • New Jacket Zip – Our professionals will put a zip in any jacket to make it wearable again.
    • New Buttons – We can replace missing buttons on any garment, at Master Dry Cleaner.
    • Dress Tapering – We will stitch and model your dress to give the best and most flattering look.
    • Jacket Tapering – Our professionals will remodel and taper any jacket to make it wearable and a perfect fit.
    • Shirt Sleeves shortening – We can shorten sleeves to ensure the proper fit.
    • Shirt Tapering – Let us remodel your shirts so that they fit your body precisely.
    • Trouser Pocket Change – We repair torn pockets in any garment, including trousers.
    • Trouser, Dress and Jacket Hole Repairs – For any tear or hole in the any garment, our professionals will do necessary repairs fast.
    • Trouser, Dress and Jacket Stains – For any kind of mark or stain on any garment, we will dry clean it to return it to its original condition.
    • Curtain Alterations – We also perform curtain alternations for any curtain from any room in your home.