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06 Apr
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Why Choose Master Dry Cleaner

Why Choose Master Dry Cleaner

When we talk about rapid technology in today’s era, it eases our life. Online services are one of them. Master dry clean is an online service provider having an experience of 10 years in laundry services across London. We know how to cater customers well that’s why we have devised strategies and programmes in a way that would deliver customer satisfaction.

Our vision statement gives you a mere idea of Our work :

 “We create value with Excellency in our domain”.

The chain of MASTER DRY CLEANER provides many services to customers across London city covering northwest, southwest, as well as west. Services include.

  • Laundry services
  • Dry cleaner London
  • Invisible Mending
  • Corporates
  • Alterations
  • Shoe repairs and cleaning
  • Wedding dresses specialist
  • Handbags repairing
  • Curtain dry cleaning


Doing laundry is one of those daunting tasks that annoy some people. People rush to their nearby laundry stores or give a push to their Google search engine having many speculations and doubts in their heads because disinfected and cleaned clothes are the one thing that nobody would compromise. Master dry clean is a massive online program that is working on the motto to create such tactics and techniques for laundry that take cleaning procedure to the whole new level.


Our plan of work is quite strategic. The first step is for you. You have to pack up your clothes for us and then the rest of the action from picking your clothes from your doorstep and then do its cleaning in a quite hygienic manner. Your coloured clothes, as well as white clothes, will maintain its complexion as it was before cleaning. Soon after washing they will fold your clothes professionally in an appropriate manner and we will deliver it to you to your doorstep. Our service, according to the experts is exceptional and according to people reviews, it is still the best. It has been given 4.83 out of 5 stars, and a well enough number of 93 out of 100 people recommend it.


    The dry cleaning process is a kind of distinctive procedure from its name. It is a practice of cleaning clothes with liquid other than that water. Silk, acetate, velvet, wool, and taffeta kind of fabrics aren’t washable in washing machines at home. It could damage buttons, laces, embroidery. Master Dry cleaner is a complete package solution for your requirements. Now you don’t have to worry about the cleaning and maintenance of your expensive clothes. Just one click and you will reach your destined place, actually your clothes destined place. We provide services to your convenience, at conservative values. Customer care and satisfaction is the one thing that brings them to planned our rates that would be affordable for everyone.

We have a professional and designed team. Every step works thoroughly in Our team members supervision. After dry cleaning, each piece of fabric is inspected to make sure all clothes are spotless and stain free. Master dry clean is a capable service provider throughout London.


So many processes, so many techniques, yet, so many claims. Master dry clean breaking all the barrier, presenting its theory that has been in experimentation from several years.  Invisible mending is one of the most time consuming and great skill demanding process. They have a perfect duo for your damaged fabrics to repair genuinely. We implement such tactics that genuinely work on your fabric producing optimal results. Master Dry Cleaner work on every detail greatly you can have a glance at our website for your better insight.


A good makeover for your old handbags, purses and clutches would renew their lifespan. Who wouldn’t love this? Almost every girl and women. So not to worry you are at a right place. Master dry cleaner also helped their customer with handbags repairments. It correct damaged trims, handles and lining. We also have different programs and ideas to restore the fading colors of your handbags and make them revive again with a new glint. It also stores your purses durability quickly. Stains and the leather damage is one the common thing happened to hand bags.

But relax, master dry cleaner will fix it with cleaning treatment. Dye transfer can make your handbags look worst, and some unwanted sudden cracks on leather are also unfavourable — our effective therapy to treat all your handbags problems.


Cleaning up your heavy exorbitant and delicate curtains take your whole day, makes you weary and tired. It is almost unmanageable at home with unsatisfactory results. But don’t worry master dry cleaner team comes to your place and fix it to add a new look to your home.


We also do alterations of your new/old clothes. We did precise and detailed alterations to your every piece.


Master dry clean would be your helping hand for your different household chores providing variety of services at your place with the facility of delivery. We offer optimal and efficient results by using modern and updated technology having economical rates. You can get personalized packaging and processing of your item. We have no hidden charges: easy payment methods by check, credit  card or paypal, flexible billing method as per your convenience.