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4 toughest challenges of travelling solo

Travelling solo can be really exciting and nerve wrecking. One time you might be enjoying in a bar and the other time you might wake up in a complete strange land or an island. That’s just a prediction but anything can happen. While you have no friends or family to hold you back, taking extra care of yourself becomes mandatory. Sort out all your clothes and get yourself prepared by searching for the same day dry cleaners near me. You don’t want to look like a mess in a strange land!

You don’t want to spoil your solo trip just because you had a confusion regarding the situation you might fall in. an advance planning is always good when you will be all alone, Here’s some awesome things that happens while you are on a solo trip.

● Tell everyone from your family and friend group about this trip
● You will be getting some new friends
● Carrying your bag everywhere
● Don’t have to speak to anyone
● Lots of selfies and capturing best moments
● No split bills and no formalities
● You can be lost in your own world
● Can follow whatever you want or whatever you eat
● You can have your own experience album

While all these things seem to be so amazing but you have to face with tons of difficulties even before you have started to actually enjoy your trip.

Reaction of everyone when you break the news

Everyone knows the struggle of those moments when you reveal your friends and family regarding your solo trip. Those WHAT THE HELL! Looks and a big question mark on the head. No one can actually appreciate the solo ride trip and hence all they can think of is a big question of WHY! The real trouble comes when you have to tell your solo trip to your friends and they find it offensive as you haven’t invited them with you.

While you have a lot of planning in your solo trip, you may have forgotten about the possible problems that might arrive when you decides to reveal this to everyone. Solo travellers have always found it difficult to explain to their fellow members regarding the motto of their solo travelling. You must know that such questions will always be a real issue but don’t let these questions pose a full stop in your dream.

Making new friends

When you travel solo and you are not extroverted, the problem of making friends will be the biggest trouble. In fact, a lot of solo travellers have this type of tension while they hop onto a completely new place. No one likes to sit in a hotel bar all alone. No one likes to walk in a garden all alone. We all have the notion of dividing our happiness with someone.

You may find a lot of “strangers” who are busy in their life and hence you can not talk to them in the hope of making new connections. What you can do is to wait for some like minded people to come to you and greet you with the first hand of friendliness. You can also challenge yourself to be more social if you aren’t. This will help you in creating a lot of friend circle who will be precious as you found them in a completely strange world.

You can open up yourself to get out of your comfort zone and make some new friends who will be just like you- crazy AF!

Carrying your bag everywhere

When you have friends and relatives with you, you can share some of the task with that of your known people. Like if you want to go to a restaurant, you can call your friend who is just next to the hotel room, to look after your bag till the time you return. This becomes easy for you to roam freely while you have other people who can divide some work.

Travelling alone means you are the only one master of your entire bags. You have to carry your whole luggage, until you reach your hotel room, to every place where you go. This could be hectic if you have full of trolley loaded luggage. So keep this in mind while you are travelling alone. Don’t carry too much items as you will be the only one to look for! There will be no one to watch for your luggage, keep it very minimalist! While you pack your bags, make sure you are segregating your items based on what’s really important to carry and not what have to be carried.

Complete silent for those days

The thought of being silent for an entire day could be weird but for some people, it is AMAZING! When you land on a country where you have no knowledge of their language, you can enjoy spending a mute time. Pick your purse and get lost in exploring the country. At night, return to your hotel room and spend some time with your phone. Picking from the best pictures that you have taken throughout the day.

Some people aren’t so excited about this thought of getting totally silent. If you hate being mute for a complete day, you can start conversing with some hotel members who can share with you a lot of stuff about the country and the people itself. Often times, the hotel members love to communicate with their own customers as they don’t feel lonely providing the service. And always remember, every hotel staff will behave humbly with the travellers as they know very well that they are new to the city and hence they must be warned and cared for everything.

Conclusion, travelling alone can be fun and exciting but they can be a little weird too. What you need to do is to get yourself prepared for everything (the weird and the amazing part). So pack your bags and find out the best company for same day dry cleaners near me in Google. Your clothes are the first thing people notice, no matter where you move. A clean and tidy clothes are the emblem of elegance and urbanity.

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