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Effective Ways to Remove Usual Stains From Your Clothes

Starting from breakfast till going to bed at night, life is really hectic, chaotic and messy. While doing everything in the right way you may find some unusual stains on your everyday wear, office wear and favourite dresses. Most of the time it occurs accidentally and most of the people are unaware about it.

Even you can find abnormal stains on the clothes of kids. However, these can be easily dealt with the help of effective stain removal ways. This blog compiles up some relevant ways to eliminate the stains from your dresses so that it can be usable again. Have a look on them.

How you can remove every type of stains from your clothes

Before attempting any practice to remove any kind of stain from any fabric, you must read the garment care labels carefully. It is extremely important as some practices are so harsh it can ruin your favourite clothes completely. Even you must know pre-treatment ways properly so that it can be done in correct manner.


Pen ink is another common stain often found in the uniform of school students. Get a hairspray can as it is much effective in removing those odd stains from the cloth pieces without ruining them.

Due to the presence of alcohol as the prime ingredient to produce hairspray it effectively lifts the ink from any sort of fabric. Spray it directly on to the stained part and wait for 30 seconds. Then, wipe away the area with a damped piece of cloth.


Muddy cloth is a matter of everyday occurrence especially if you lead a professional life or have a little one. However, quality pre-treatment is really helpful to sort out this issue along with other stain types. Stain Eraser Ball is also available there to loosen the sticky mud stains.


Most kids’ in their growing up stages are curious about various co-curricular activities. Painting is amongst one of them and no doubt certain types of colour result in staining of the clothes. But this stain can be tackled most easily by dipping the clothes in warm water.

Then, you are suggested to wash it in the washing machine by adding regular detergent. Though it is highly effective for removing water colour stains yet another reliable way is there to deal with oil-based paints. In such cases, you have to dab the stained part by using little amount of white spirit and turpentine.

Make sure to take preventive measures by wearing rubber gloves during using these ingredients to remove stains from your clothes. Furthermore, you are also advised to have a look on the garment care labels before attempting this.

You should not attempt this stain removal procedure if the stained cloth piece is made up of triacetate, acetate or rayon. Dry cleaning services will be the most effective for these types of fabrics.


Grease stain is another common stain for those who commute in a bike regularly. However, it possesses the chance of ruining the clothes if it is left to linger. Manage the stain quickly by sprinkling little amount of baking soda. Its superb absorbing property will help in drawing out of the grease stain.


Chocolate stains are more common in kids’ clothes and there is nothing to worry about regarding this! What you have to do is to avoid the use of hot water. Instead, put the cloth in a plastic bag to store it in the fridge to get cooled. As the chocolate gets hardened, it can be scraped off easily with the help of a spoon or a blunt knife.


Apart from food stuffs scrapes, cuts and bruises can also result in hard stains. In such a case, you are advised to rinse the cloth piece in cold water. Never use hot water as it helps in setting of the stain more prominently. Even you can make use of a little amount of toothpaste to rub on the stained part if you can’t spare time to rinse it completely.

Tomato-based Sauce

Lemon possesses excellent property in eliminating sauce stains! This natural acid performs to penetrate within the oil to remove its stains entirely from your gorgeous pieces of clothes. Before dipping the clothes into bucket of water just rub half piece of a lemon on to the stain. Now, sauce stains can’t ruin your clothes anymore.

Red Wine

A spilling of red wine doesn’t represent that your cloth gets completely ruined. At first, blotting is necessary for the stain and it can be greatly done with the help of white wine. It helps in neutralising the stain so that it can be removed perfectly.

Then, take a pinch of table salt and sprinkle all over the stain and left it for some time for soaking up of the moisture. At last, wash it in mild detergent for cleaning up of the remaining residues.

Tea and Coffee

Rather creating panic and washing the stain with water, you can remove it entirely with a simple mixture of vinegar and water. Apply the paste on the fabric by a sponge. After that, you must wash the cloth with the help of stain removal to eliminate the remaining trace too.

Stain removal must be used as per the recommended dosage and temperature. And if the fabric is quite delicate then you have to be gentle enough whilst washing.

Sometimes dry cleaning is also effective for keeping your clothes clean. It helps in maintaining the quality of the fabric on the long run. If you are looking for a specialist dry cleaner in London then, Master Dry Cleaner can be the right one for you. Our expert team prioritises the fabric quality while cleaning your clothes with great care.

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