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There are a whole lot of problems attached to washing and caring for fabrics. Fabrics can lose their colour, shrink, crease, and stains may be too tough to leave during the normal washing cycle.These problems can be easily solved and reading on will get you all you need to know about solving them.

Common Laundry Problems and Their Solution


Have you noticed anydiscolouration in the colour of your linen and white clothes? This problem can get frustrating, but it can be solved by adding a colour remover to your wash. In your home, you can easily do this by adding oxygen-based bleach to your wash.

To get the best result, we advise you pre-soak the clothes in the bleach added water throughout the night before getting it into your washing machine. Adding a little amount of white vinegar can also change the story to a large extent. White vinegar added to wash makes the fabrics look brand new. You might need to call a laundry pick up London service to get this done for you effectively.


Some clothes, when washed in the washing machine, can shrink a lot. This is usually as a result of a high amount of heat. Some of our commonly used fabrics like nylon, rayon, jeans, children’s clothing and dark clothes are sensitive to heat, and we must be careful how we handle them.

The most important rule in handling synthetic fabrics is that their washing should be done at 300c. Some people love to use temperatures that are above 300cto wash but washing at 300c can still produce the same results. Washing at this temperature is cheaper, safer, environmentally friendly, and most of all, they can prevent the shrinking you have been trying to control.

3.Tough stains

Some stains may never go off with just a cycle in the washing machine. Such stains need some extra care and attention. This problem can be solved by first applying a detergent on the stain before sending it to the washing machine. Knowing the type of stain and using the right type of detergent on it will help remove the stains more effectively.


The problem of creasing can be solved by getting your laundry out of the dryer as soon as the cycle is completed. The creasing can also be reduced by fluffing and shaking the individual fabrics immediately they leave the dryer. This will prevent you from spending too much time ironing. This problem can also be avoided by adding white distilled vinegar or a fabric softener to the wash cycle before commencing the wash.

5.Leaking detergents

When this problem pops up in your washing, it is usually as a result of you overloading the machine. This makes the detergent to sit in just one place instead of being properly dispersed throughout the machine. The easiest way to get this problem fixed or prevented is by reducing the washing load in the machine. Putting the detergents on each of the items to be washed before getting them into the machine will also solve this problem.

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