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  • Purse Zipper Replacements
  • Handle Repair & Replacement
  • Purse Re-Dying & Stain Removal
  • Lining Replacement & Repair
  • Patching Holes & Tears

Replacing & Repairing: Lining, Handles, & Trims

Time takes its toll on everything; purses included. If you have reached the point when your favourite bag desperately needs a makeover to look like brand new again, you are in good hands. Send it to Master Dry Cleaner and we will repair the damaged trims, handles, and/or lining. If there are scratches or exposed pipping, we will also attend to that. Redyeing or replacement required? Rest assured! We got you covered!

Buckle and Zipper Repair and Replacement

Do you have a broken buckle on your purse or a zipper that just won't zip? Well we can repair or replace your buckles and zippers and get your handbag back in order and ready to serve you again. At Master Dry Cleaner we have matching zippers for most designer handbags and our technicians do wonders with buckle and zipper repairs.

Dye-Transfer Restoration

Accidents happen, and many leather purses go to the purse ER with dye transfer issues. Dye transfers can be quite tricky, and you do need a specialist that really knows their craft to avoid ending up with a purse that’s damaged beyond repair. Our effective and carefully selected purse repair treatments will remore any dye-transfer without damaging the leather.

Restore & Revive the Colours of your Purse

We know how frustrating it is to have corners with colour loss. It ruins the entire look of your bag. Allow us to improve its durability and restore such issues quickly and efficiently. We colour-match your bag and give it a spa-like treatment to revive its original colour and make sure you can have it for many more years to come. Now, if you have a leather bag with visible damage, such as faded colour, damage, and stains that cannot be removed with the cleaning treatments available, we save the day by offering full restoration services that treat any damage and colour-related issues.

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