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The entire process of dry cleaning - know before you drop off your clothes

After you have dropped off your clothes, do you know what happens then? It’s important to note every process as it will help you in understanding how your clothes will return after being out from dryer. Because you have a respect for your favorite clothes, you need to be extra sure about the whole procedure.

Choosing the right dry cleaner for your favorite garments is really important. Hence, choose the one whom you can trust with their work and working methodology. Such qualities can be found in dry cleaners in london. They not only keep the trust of their customers but help them in solving severe issues needed to be fixed urgently.

Step #1 Tagging and stains

After you have given your garments to the dry cleaner, he tags all your items. This is an important step which makes sure that all the items belongs to you and the number in total. They also check for any stains. Tough stains are removed through hard chemicals. Some stains are so stubborn that you can not remove it by any means. The dry cleaners uses their special technique to remove such stains.

Step #2 cleaning

The next step is that of cleaning. The cleaner will place your garments in the cleaning machine. The cleaning machine doesn’t look like a washing machine. It’s a large metal cylinder filled with one room. EPA-approved fluid is added in the machine to get rid of oily stains and grease. The machine rotates like a Centrifugal force and that helps in removing tough stains from your garments that are hard to remove just by the washing machine.

Step #3 finishing

The finishing step is that of pressing your garments. In terms of pants, the cleaner will press pants one leg at a time blast wrinkles with 300-degree steam. o n the other side, a hot flat coated iron flattens and creases each leg (this process needs your approval as a lot of people don’t want this particular step).

Any wrinkles on your pants or garments are taken out and seated with “puff irons” or a specialized “pants topper” device. A quality inspection is done after this to check that every process has done its task carefully.

When it comes on your shirt, they are a little more involved. The sleeves are pressed with a machine named “sleever”. The collars and cuffs are done on a different machine which is specialized to do only those parts. Full body machine presses the front and the back perfectly.

Afterwards, the shirt is placed on a form to give the collar it’s natural round shape.

Step #4 inspection and assembly

This step is really important. Inspection is necessary to see if the process has been organized in a nice way and the garments are ready to be delivered to you. The cleaner will inspect each item individually making sure that your garments now look differently GOOD.
The items are also given a detailed final quality exam upon bagging. The garments you will get after the dry cleaning will be completely different and cool. You will wear it having the feeling of full confidence.

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