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06 Apr
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Dry Cleaning Vs Regular Laundry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Vs Regular Laundry Cleaning

People often ask “why take my clothes todry cleanersin London when I can wash them all by myself and in the comfort of my home”?

Well, the reason this question tends to pop up in the minds of people is because they do not really understand dry cleaning and what it is all about.

Dry cleaning is not just the same thing as getting your clothes washed in the washing machine in your home. Dry cleaners London do a whole lot more than your washing machine can do for you.

What Differentiates Dry Cleaning from Regular Laundry Cleaning?

• The Use of Chemical Solvent in Washing

The reason the washing process is called dry cleaning is that in normal washing, a chemical solvent is used to rinse the clothes instead of water, which is used in regular washing. The solvent that is commonly used is called Perchloroethylene, and it is chosen for this process because of its ability to remove stains.

• The Drying Process

Dry cleaning is carried out by special machines; the washing is done by a special washing machine and the drying too by a special drying machine. When you make use of dry cleaners in London, the drying machine that is used is specially designed to dry and remove moisture from garments.

• Clothes are Straightened by Steaming Or Ironing

After the washing and drying have been completed, the next step taken by dry cleaners near you is to iron. This final process is usually done to remove the creases from your clothes and leave them as straight and attractive as ever. The result of usingdry cleaners in London is always worth the process.

Benefits of Dry Cleaning

Every careful step that is taken in dry cleaning is carried out to help the wearers and users of any fabric that is being drycleaned to feel the freshness and attractiveness that is gotten from using well cleaned and straightened clothes.
Everybody wants to look good and steal the show, but that cannot be gotten with clothes that are not properly cleaned and straightened. For your aim to look spectacular to be accomplished, you have to let the dry cleaners near you do the job.

The benefits of dry cleaning are:

• Having clothes that have been effectively dry-cleaned and are free from oil, grease and any other difficult stain.
• Having clothes which have little or no shrinkage or distortion
• Increasing the lifespan and maintaining the texture of your fabrics.

Why You Should Choose Us

We are professionals when it comes to cleaning and caring for your fabrics. We treat your fabrics gently and use environmentally friendly substances on them, so you do not have to worry about having irritation from harsh washing substances.

At Masters Dry Cleaners London, we offer one of the best dry cleaning services in and around London, and our customers are never dissatisfied. We offer home pickup and delivery so that our customers will not have to worry about going through so much stress to get their fabrics cleaned. You are just a click away from us.

You no longer have to search for “dry cleaners near me”as we are here to take care of all your laundry needs. Let us do what we love to do. Contact us to find out more about us by clicking here.