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06 Apr
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Handbag Cleaning Experts

London Handbag Cleaning and Repairing Experts





Master cleaner, they weren’t kidding not only do they offer a bespoke dry-clean service, free pick up, and drop off, but they clean and restore bags, designer bags too, lambskin in my case, and no you don’t need to pay almost the value of the bag to get it restored.

Its a reasonable price savvy to be exact, and the outcome is magnificent. I like a company that do what they say they can do, they were informative, impossibly helpful, and incredibly nice. The result happened within days, the contact was precise and easy.

I want to stress how easy breezy this was, my bag was tired, knackered, ok its soul had left, and Master clean performed only what can be called a miracle. So if its dry cleaning , fixing, mending, and in my case bag repair, look no further. I mentioned pick up and drop off didn’t I?,

I mentioned that is free? well I have nothing to say, but get those bags out for a spruce, for under £60 they gave me a brand new bag, yes you heard me a brand new bag for under £60.

I like a company with heart, I like one with talent, and Master clean has bags of both  (pardon the pun). A lolaandnou joy., 02073285621

Pickup & Delivery Service

We offer weekly pickup and delivery bag cleaning and repair services throughout London. Call us or email us to book your pickup and delivery. 

Drop Off Your Bag to us

Our shoe cleaning facility is located in London. You can drop-off your bag  to us anytime during our business hours and we will have them ready for you to pickup within 7 days.

For Booking Now :

Phone : 020 7328 5621 – 07950 455241