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    Are your faithful trainers looking very sorry for themselves? Are you thinking of throwing them away and getting a new pair? Wait! Before you throw them away let us give them a new lease of life with our trainer cleaning service.

    At Master Dry Cleaning Services we make sure that you don’t have to say goodbye to your trainers too soon. Whether they’re high tops, Vans or running shoes they will all respond to our loving care and can go on to run many more miles for you.

    We know that your sneakers and trainers take a lot during their lifetimes but with a bit of TLC we know how to have even the most down and out plimsoles and runners looking almost like new again. In fact, we think you’ll hardly recognise them as they turn up professionally cleaned and deodorised and tissue wrapped as though they had just come out of the shop!

    Why Choose Us?

    Master dry cleaning are much more than a dry cleaning firm and a fast gaining the reputation of bringing loved footwear back to life with the highest standard of quality. Our quick turn-around offers convenience and a simple two step ordering process allow customers to choose a time that works best for them as to when their trainers or other items can be collected.

    We do not discriminate!

    At Master Dry Cleaning Services all footwear is equal! We can clean trainers made of a range of different materials to include suede and rubber and more. Our revitalization of your footwear requires around 72 hours to be complete and we also clean children’s trainers for typically about 65% of the price of an adult trainer clean.

    Trainers cleaning services cost:

    Trainers Cleaning£15.00
    Designer Trainers CleaningFrom £25.00


    Although we do our best with every pair of trainers entrusted to us, we do have to make our customers aware that some of the more ingrained staining may not be able to be completely removed. As well as that, any previous exposure there has been to high temperature or moisture might mean some loss of shape during cleaning. These kind of complications are rare and we will inform you if they are likely to apply to your trainers before we accept them for cleaning. We always undertake this cleaning at owners own risk and on a best results basis. We do not clean bespoke trainers.